Introducing Lignum

Hudevad Care Lignum

The most hygienic radiator on the market. Hudevad Care Lignum can be completely integrated into the building, thus giving the appearance of being part of the wall. It has no openings, edges or surfaces for potential residue of dust, dirt or bacteria, and its flat front makes it blend discretely into the room for ultimate interior design flexibility.

Standard and Corner: 100-400 mm, in increments of 1 mm

Standard and Corner: 800-4000 mm, in increments of 100 mm

Standard: 38 mm
Corner: 38 mm – min. 100 mm outside angle length

1/2″ standard, adapter for 3/8″

Wall mounted

Brackets are included

Air vent is included

Powder coated in white RAL 9010. Gloss 70

Option: Painted in other standard RAL and BS colours

Built-in valve
Top and bottom cover panels

The Hudevad Care Lignum radiator system provides innovative and hygienic heating at Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg.

The Sydvestjysk Hospital covers an area with a population 220.000 people and comprises the communities of Esbjerg, Fanø, Billund and Varde, as well as parts of Tønder and Vejen. The Hospital is dimensioned to include 383 beds of which 65 are for emergency patients, 15 in the ICU and 15 intermediate.

Case: Sydvestjysk Hospital, Esbjerg

As part of the general plan for the Southern Danish Region, the Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg has been refurbished and expanded with the purpose of obtaining optimal patient stays as well as to act as a role model hospital, which matches future patient and staff demands and expectations. Two of the focus areas in the plan were to expand the joint emergency reception area, as well as a refurbishment of the individual rooms in the patient wards. The visions for the hospital in Esbjerg were clear. Among other issues, the hospital should focus on how the interior supported the core tasks of the hospital and the patients’ perception of quality during their admittance time.

Especially issues like:
-Healing architecture
-Excellent indoor climate
-Infection hygiene
-Patient safety
were to be taken into consideration.

With regards to the issue of “Infection hygiene” it was emphasized that: “…the design must act as a catalyst for improved hygiene, minimizing the number of cross-contamination risk points.” “…With regards to the building elements, solutions which are easy to clean are preferred.” All of this taken into consideration, the Hudevad Care Lignum radiator was quickly chosen as the optimal solution for heating the reception area and the rooms in the patient wards, where a renovation of the facade formed a logistical challenge had traditional non-hygienic radiators been used.

“The new hygienic radiators – Hudevad Care Lignum – were installed on the inner columns in the patient rooms. It was then possible to renovate the facade without disabling the heating system and de-mounting the radiators. The process saved several work processes and hours, which was of great advantage in the complete project schedule.” The Hudevad Care radiators in the patient rooms are fitted with individual thermostats for fast and optimal regulation of the room temperature in each room.
- Project Manager Filip Rosenberg, Hudevad Care

Project Manager and Senior Engineer from Rambøll, Jacob Monrad, who was the consulting engineer on the project, saw it as key that the Hudevad Care Lignum was an integrated solution without visible piping on the columns. Visible pipes make up a potential infection risk in healthcare environments and are also visually disturbing. Jacob Monrad’s biggest concern was the output of the Hudevad Care Lignum radiator. Calculations and tests showed, however, that the Lignum could easily cover the heat requirements in the rooms. In the joint emergency reception area, the radiators are centrally controlled, and thus have no individual thermostats.
The emergency reception was open for patients in April 2015.
The patient rooms were open in the fall of 2015.

Learn more about the Lignum

The Lignum is a brand new product just being released on the market. To learn more about the revolutionising hygienic heating product, download the data sheet. You are also welcome to contact us for a personal introduction.

Lignum at the Panum Institute

Lignum radiators are currently being installed at the new Maersk Building at the Panum Institute in Copenhagen.

Lignum radiators are installed at the Panum Institute during construction leaving them almost invisible.

Lignum radiators has no openings, edges or surfaces for potential residue of dust

3D renders of the Lignum

Installation video for the Lignum