Last week Hudevad Care participated in the V4-Denmark business and matchmaking seminar organized by Healthcare DENMARK. V4 (Visegrad group), the group of countries consisting of Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, visited Denmark with the aim of exploring new hospital solutions, as well as getting inspired by the Danish healthcare system. Additionally, the purpose of the seminar was to share knowledge and experience, along with strengthening the cooperation between Denmark and the V4 group.

Hudevad Care, among other Danish companies, was there to meet and network with stakeholders from V4 countries. Furthermore, we took part in the event in order to listen to the success stories from the V4 countries, as well as the challenges they face and the lessons they have already learned from the executed e-health reforms.

For us, as a company, this was an important step in getting deeper knowledge of the overall healthcare system and the challenges that the countries and stakeholders, we work with, encounter. Being a project based company we usually advise our clients, when they choose heating for their buildings. The knowledge from the matchmaking event contributes to having a better vision, and knowing where our hygienic heating solutions will provide the most value and create safe and clean environments.

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