Sozial-Konzept-Pflege AG is a German company with a mission: To bridge the gap between hospital treatment and either terminal care or release into the patient’s own home. The company refurbishes old hospitals or other suitable facilities and re-functions them into “patient hotels”. One of the lates acquisitions is the purchase of the “Hohenmölsener Krankenhaus” in Merseburg, Germany (Read more).

Often the patient feels insecure, if he/she is released into his /her own home too soon after treatment, and maybe the relatives do not have the necessary training to care for a loved one. Terms like safety, independence and own initiative are extremely important in establishing facilities which do not limit the patients’ ability and motivation to recover.

Production Tour

As the demographic curves change, so does the need for the above described facilities increase. And of course infection control and easy to clean equipment are also imperative here. Sozial-Konzept-Pflege AG represented by chairman of the Board Mr Unbehaun and Managing Director Mr Zur paid us a visit to our production and management facilities last week for a fruitful discussion.