About Hudevad Care

Our products

Hudevad Care Lignum

The most hygienic radiator on the market. Hudevad Care Lignum can be completely integrated into the building, thus giving the appearance of being part of the wall. The hygiene radiator has no openings, edges or surfaces for potential residue of dust, dirt or bacteria, and its flat front makes it blend discretely into the room for ultimate interior design flexibility.

Hudevad Care Mundum

Hudevad Care Mundum is a state of the art flat-fronted hygienic radiator in a completely sealed casing allowing for no dirt, dust or bacteria to collect inside it. This maintenance-free, easy-to-install hygiene radiator is extremely easy to clean and is perfectly suited for renovating existing hospitals or buildings where high hygiene standards is of the utmost importance.

Our vision

We are passionate about improving the quality of life for patients in healthcare facilities.  We do so by creating better healthcare environments, especially with the focus of reducing healthcare acquired infections – thus keeping patients healthier and hospital stays shorter.  We supply hygienic heating solutions optimized for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Our office

Hudevad Care is part of the Ribe Jern Holding family of companies, which includes Ribe Jernindustri A/S – the leading Danish manufacturer today of radiators and convectors. RJI A/S employs 100 people in total and all production is performed in Ribe.

Saltgade 11
6760 Ribe
Tel: +45 6568 0205