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Hudevad Care Nominated for The Hygiene Award

In connection with the annual conference of Hygiene on September 15th 2016 organized by the Danish Hygiene Council, the Hygiene Award of the year was given to a company, institution or organization who have made an [...]

September 22nd, 2016|

Hudevad Care expands its team

Jennyfer Georgsen started Monday 22.8. as the newest addition to our business development team, and we are so proud and happy to have her onboard. Jennyfer is German, but has lived 4 years in China, so [...]

September 22nd, 2016|

Facts about Hospital Acquired Infections

of all hospitalized patients will acquire at least one hospital acquired infection
people In Europe and 1.7M in the USA, are estimated to be affected by HAI’s annually
deaths in Europe are attributable to HAI’s. In the USA the number is 99.000.

The Hudevad Care Lignum radiator system provides innovative and hygienic heating at the Panum Institute in Copenhagen.

Case: The Maersk Building – Copenhagen University

The extension to the Panum institute of the Copenhagen University was designed by architects from CF Møller. With its organic forms, the fifteen storey tall building signals power and innovation, but is also adapted to the existing Panum complex through its colour scheme, rhythm and gravity.

The facade is built up in the form of a grid structure of storey-high window fields that break up the building’s large scale. The building will be heated by Hudevad Care Lignum hygienic radiator systems, which are built into the concrete elements which make up part of the building’s façade. This solution was worked out in cooperation between architects from CF Møller and technicians from Hudevad Care and provide the most hygienic heating solution by the most uniquely discrete hygiene radiator system on the market – Hudevad Care Lignum.

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